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Fashion is not only how you look. It’s just as much about how your unique, individual fashion style makes you feel. It’s about how the “unique chic” you develop accentuates your essence by expressing your creativity and sense of self.

Every woman knows the incredible feeling of confidence—and the poise in any situation, professional or personal that comes with it—when the look that is completely her own comes together. It’s a confidence that comes from being able to express who you are the moment you enter a room…without saying a word. Let those who see you say the words, like glamorous and edgy, sophisticated and polished, sleek and stunning. And, striking, too—because they will be SkyStruk.

SkyStruk is a high-end boutique for the confident woman, who knows her assets and essence and wants to present herself to the world in the unique style she alone has created to articulate and accentuate them.


SkyStruk is for the intriguing woman, who has something to say, and can say it in many ways, including her fashion sense.


SkyStruk is for the ascendant woman, who is making her way in the world her way, with her own style, on her own two feet.


SkyStruk is for the woman with that certain unique chic that exists in only one place on Earth: in her always fully engaged imagination.


Hi my lovely ladies, I can’t express to you enough how excited I am to be launching an online boutique specialized in women’s clothing and accessories. This endeavor has allowed me to create an environment where I can fully express my true passion – bringing together iconic pieces of clothing that not only inspire myself but the confident women of today. Life is all about making leaps – big leaps, leaping for opportunities, overcoming obstacles and making sure that you’re taking advantage of every door that opens. As I grow up and try to understand what truly makes me happy, I come to realize that I only have one story to write. 

Today, I am able to pursue a dream of mine that I never knew once existed. Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed playing dress up and giving everyone in my life “little girl fashion tips.” I truly hope that my passion and inspiration for this industry will instill young women to follow my walk. It’s never too late to start something you love – even if it seems like the scariest endeavor to take on. It’s amazing what a little dressing up can do to evoke a little stronger pep into your step. A woman has the power to do anything! 

Hope you enjoy and become struk by own your passion! 

Skylar Porter

Founder & CEO



To be tasteful, radiant, gleaming, and fiercely desirable. Become Struk. Be Sleek.


To be bold, daring, different and passionately trendsetter driven. Become Struk. Be Edgy.


To be elegant, sophisticated, magical and dangerously beautiful. Become Struk. Be Glamorous.

“It’s amazing what a little dressing up can do to evoke a little stronger pep into your step.”