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All that Jazz Black Crystal Stiletto Heels


“All That Jazz” is a shimmering masterpiece that embodies the very essence of glamour and sophistication. These high-heeled stilettos are not just shoes but a dazzling statement of luxury and extravagance. With crystal glitter adorning every inch, they capture the essence of a starlit night, casting a spell of enchantment with each step.

The open-back design adds an element of jazz and intrigue, while the crystal heels are a hypnotic symphony of light and luxury. When you slip into “All That Jazz,” you are transported to a world where elegance reigns, and every stride is a graceful dance.

These shoes are not just footwear; they reflect your inner diva, a testimony to your unapologetic love for all things exquisite and dazzling. “All That Jazz” is a true embodiment of the magic that happens when fashion meets artistry.

(Please note: Natural variations in color, texture, grain and fabric cut are inherent characteristics of the material used in our designs. These are not to be considered as defects. Each shoe is hand-made with all diamonds carefully placed onto the shoe.)

  • Faux suede
  • Embellished with over 1,000+ high luxury quality diamonds
  • Open toe design
  • Designed in Naples, FL USA
  • Final Shoe Manufactured and Imported from Overseas