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YourBusinessIsYou“No one said life was easy” really means life isn’t always easy. However, you are the only person who is in control of the decisions you make and the opportunities you take.


Making the decision to start your own business isn’t exactly the easiest task at hand. It’s not as easy as saying, “I want this right now so tomorrow I will have it.” Its more like “This is what I want in life and this is how I am going to get there.”


When people ask me why and how I decided to start this endeavor, there’s really only one answer, “its feels right – right now.” Right now doesn’t mean I am going to change my mind in a week, month, 6 months or a year. Right now means this is where I am in my life and I have to take one moment, one thought and one decision at a time.


Yes, a new business requires a plan – a strong, thought out, concrete strategy behind it. This is all great, can be done and will be done. But, the truth is plans change. “Plans” come into our lives not just with businesses, but with love, friends, and family. What you thought might work in 6 months, may no longer work and you have to revisit your plan and quickly change direction. Or, your plan might be working so well, that you have to invest more into the course at hand, penetrating your decisions faster, using more resources and making really really big decisions.


Your business is your passion and its gotta be you and most important feel like you.


The decision to start my own online clothing boutique has been the most exhilarating feeling, stressful at times and at most super exciting. When you realize you have just about everything to launch, that’s when you come across showstoppers that need an immediate solution. If anything, the journey leading up to the launch of my new site has helped me to work even harder, discover things about myself that I never knew existed and become even closer with my family – as they have been the guiding light behind this big endeavor.


When push comes to shove, hop on the next train, leap for the things you thought were impossible, have faith in other people, but most importantly – you must always have faith in yourself.


I hope you enjoy my website, continue to follow me and become STRUK by your own passions!


Stay humble, have fun and enjoy the ride…


Love always,

Skylar Porter


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