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The First Step

To Empowerment

The Founder

Skylar Porter

My Story

It’s simple; I lost my best friend, Momoo. She inspired me always to follow my dreams and never give up. She lived an amazing 95 years of glitz, glamour and love. As a new mom, I’ve found a new purpose in life: to follow my passion and empower other women to do the same. In her memory, I am bringing the glam gram alive – with handcrafted, custom heels and shoes for the woman who dares to be different and walk her catwalk.

My Inspiration

Momoo my Grandma

My Backbone

My Mom

My Purpose

My Son

The Essence of Our Brand

Welcome to the SkyStruk family, where passion for fashion and a cherished legacy converge to create a luxurious footwear experience. Founded by Skylar Porter and inspired by her profound love for exquisite fashion and her beloved grandmother, affectionately known as “Momoo,” SkyStruk is a tribute to the enduring style and the bonds that shape us.


Skylar Porter’s journey in the fashion world began with an innate appreciation for stand-out statement pieces, blossoming into a lifelong love affair with style.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of her grandmother, Momoo, a candle of grace and sophistication, Skylar embarked on a mission to blend her creativity with a deep sense of familial connection and a goal to empower the next generation to follow their dreams.


As you browse our site, immerse yourself with exciting luxury shoes that transcend into bold statement pieces. Each pair tells a unique story, weaving together the threads of Skylar’s passion, Momoo’s legacy, and the artistry of exceptional craftsmanship.

SkyStruk invites you to not only adorn your feet with unparalleled elegance but also to partake in the celebration of enduring love, family, and the timeless beauty of a well-crafted shoe.


Each pair of shoes at SkyStruk is not just a statement of luxury; it’s a tribute to Momoo’s enduring spirit. Named in memory of Skylar’s dear grandmother, every shoe in our collection carries a piece of the warmth, love, and wisdom that Momoo imparted.

From stunning silhouettes and fun country boots to avant-garde designs, our luxury shoes reflect the diverse facets of Momoo’s personality and the everlasting impact she had on Skylar’s life.

Shopping The SkyStruk Experience



Immerse yourself in a curated selection of luxury footwear, where each pair embodies enduring style and sophistication.


Discover shoes named in loving memory of Skylar's grandmother, adding a sentimental touch to your fashion choices.

Customer Focused Excellence

Enjoy a seamless shopping journey with our dedicated support team, ensuring satisfaction from selection to delivery.

GET READY… The first step to empowerment lies within the beat of your soles.

While heels are often the final decision of your outfit before you step out the door, they are frequently the first bit of detail that makes a bold statement.

So, as you craft your life narrative, let a fabulous pair of heels transform an ordinary sidewalk into your catwalk to stride through the chapters of your story.

Dance proudly and loudly… in your new pair of SkyStruk luxury shoes!

Bring Out Your Colorful Sole

The Foxy Stiletto Pink Coral Open Toe with Premium Feathers

Our Customer's

Joyful Voices

"I purchased the White Country Glam Boots and cannot be any happier as they are amazing with excellent quality, Thank You SkyStruk!"
Lina C.
"Just simply exquisite. I am so happy I found SkyStruk. I have told all my friends and will definately be back to purchase many more times."
Joanie K.