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Cotton Candy Hand-Braided Leather Boot


Stepping into the world with the “Cotton Candy” braided leather boot is like embarking on a whimsical journey through a candy-coated dreamscape. Crafted from real leather, these boots exemplify the artistry of skilled hands. Each step you take is graced with an exquisite hand-made braided design, a riveting tapestry of pastel hues that swirl together in a delightful dance of cotton candy colors.

As you walk, you leave behind an enchantment trail, as if strolling through a fantastical fairground. These boots are not just footwear; they celebrate style and imagination, a sweet reminder that fashion can be as delicious as daring.

So, slip into these “Cotton Candy” braided leather boots and let your every step stride through a world of sugary enchantment.

(Please note: Natural variations in color, texture and grain are inherent characteristics of the material used in our designs. These boots were hand woven)

  • Genuine leather
  • Hand-tied, string braid, takes 1 full day to hand-braid
  • Pointed round toe
  • Designed in Naples, FL USA
  • Final Shoe Manufactured and Imported from Overseas