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The Doris Sailor Denim Stiletto with Colorful Diamonds


The “Doris Sailor” is not just a shoe; it’s a living legacy of the extraordinary story of a special person. Its denim high-heeled stiletto design embodies smile and radiance, capturing the essence of infectious positivity and unwavering resilience.

The diamond-adorned handmade tassel and heel are not mere embellishments but shining symbols of the sparkle they bring to those around them. Wearing the “Doris Sailor” is like stepping into the footsteps of an unforgettable soul, a daily reminder that, just like this remarkable person, we, too, can leave a trail of enduring beauty and inspiration with every stride we take.

And then there’s the crystal heel, a sparkling reminder that with every step, there is an opportunity to leave a trail of brilliance and grace in our wake, lighting up the world with the magic of our journey.

The “Doris Sailor” is more than just a fashion statement; it symbolizes the infectious spirit of a person who was always cheerful and happy, whose laughter was like music, and whose joy brightened all those fortunate enough to be in her presence.

When you wear these shoes, you carry a piece of an incredible story, a reminder that strength, beauty, and a colorful boundless spirit can be woven into the fabric of your life.

(Please note: Natural variations in color, texture, grain and fabric cut are inherent characteristics of the material used in our designs. These are not to be considered as defects. Each shoe is hand-made with all diamonds carefully placed onto the shoe.)

  • Light denim material
  • Embellished with colorful, premium, high-quality rhinestones
  • Open-toe design with adjustable buckle closure
  • Diamond heel, about 4″ (100mm)
  • Designed in Naples, FL, USA
  • Final Shoe Manufactured and Imported from Overseas