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Green Twizzler Diamond Heels with Crystals


Presenting the “Green Twizzler Diamond Heels with Crystals,” a captivating and opulent high-heel marvel that seamlessly merges daring design with lavish embellishments. This shoe showcases a vibrant green hue with luxury crystals, creating a visually striking masterpiece. The focal point of this heel is its vivid, colorful diamond design enveloped in a green mold, introducing a dazzling and whimsical element to the overall look.

Taking the “Green Twizzler Diamond Heels” to new heights is an exquisite ankle strap adorned with glistening diamonds, imparting an aura of sophistication and glamour. The harmonious blend of the luscious green hue, vibrant diamond heel, and bedazzled ankle and toe straps elevates this shoe into a genuine statement piece – an ideal choice for those who wish to make a daring and stylish entrance.

(Please note: Natural variations in color, texture, grain and fabric cut are inherent characteristics of the material used in our designs. These are not to be considered as defects. Each shoe is hand-made with all diamonds carefully placed onto the shoe.)

  • PU patent leather
  • Embellished with over 30+ Luxury quality diamonds
  • Open toe design
  • Adjustable buckle closure
  • Diamond heel, about 4″ (100mm)
  • Designed in Naples, FL USA
  • Final Shoe Manufactured and Imported from Overseas