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Momoo Classic Red Suede High-Heel Boot With Crystals


The red suede high-heel boot adorned with crystals, known as the “Momoo Classic,” embodies the allure and refinement of an extraordinary woman. Crafted with a streamlined silhouette and elevated by stiletto heels, these boots are crafted for those who appreciate the art of beauty in each step they take.

Beyond the captivating silhouette, the crystals truly distinguish these boots as a work of art. Like constellations scattered across the night sky, crystals embellish the suede canvas, capturing and reflecting light with every graceful movement.

Slipping your foot into these boots transcends wearing shoes; it transports you into a realm of sophistication and charisma, where confidence takes center stage, and each step becomes a dance of irresistible charm.

The “Momoo Classic” red suede high-heel boot surpasses the realm of mere footwear; it serves as a declaration, a symbol of unapologetic style that ignites your soul with its magnetic beauty.

(Please note: Natural variations in color, texture and grain are inherent characteristics of the material used in our designs)

  • Faux red suede boot
  • Each boot is embellished with high-luxury quality crystals for greater shine and reflection.
  • Silver side zipper closure
  • Closed pointed toe
  • Designed in Naples, FL, USA
  • Final Shoe Production from Overseas